Question: What Is Zip Code In Quezon City?

Which country has +35 code?

BURUNDIInternational Dialing CodeSerial No.Country NameDialing Codes33BULGARIA35934BURKINA FASO22635BURUNDI25736CAMBODIA855160 more rows.

Which country uses +3 code?

2 – Africa and some others like Greenland, Faroe Islands and Aruba. 3 – Europe.

What is the area code in Quezon City?

+63Quezon City Area Codes, PhilippinesCountryTown/CityArea CodePhilippinesQuezon City+63 2

What is zip code of Rizal?

Rizal Province ZIP CodeLocationZIP CodePhone Area CodeAntipolo18702Montalban (Rodriguez)1860-San Mateo1850-Teresa1880-10 more rows

What is the postal code of Bagumbayan Quezon City?

1110List of zip codes.Zip CodeBarangayRegion1110BagumbayanNational Capital Region (Region XIV – NCR)

What is the postal code of Pasong Tamo Quezon City?

1107The Zip Code of Pasong Tamo, Quezon City is 1107.

What is zip code of Caloocan City?

Caloocan Zip Code Area CodeKalookan City (North)ZIP CodePhone Area CodeKaloocan City CPO14002Kapitbahayan East14132Kanluran Village14092Maypajo1410221 more rows

What is the zip code of Metro Manila?

Manila Zip Code Area CodeLocationZIP CodePhone Area CodeManila CPO – Ermita10002Paco10072Pandacan10112Port Area (South)1018215 more rows

Which country has +19 code?

BrazilTo call Brazil, start by dialing your country’s exit code, which is “011” for the U.S. and Canada. Next, dial “55,” which is Brazil’s country code. After that, enter the 2-digit area code for the Brazilian city you’re trying to reach.

Is postal code and zip code are the same?

The two codes are essentially the same in their purpose, but the term Zip code is mainly used in the USA; Postal Code is commonly used in other countries.

What is the zip code in Philippines?

Philippines – postal codesPlaceCountry14.049/121.5137Manila CPO-PO Box# 3600 to 3699Philippines14.049/121.5138Manila CPO-PO Box# 3700 to 3799Philippines111 more rows

What is zip code of Cebu City?

6000Cebu ZIP CodeLocationZIP CodePhone Area CodeCebu City600032Compostela600332Consolacion600132Cordova60173251 more rows

What is the postal code of Batasan Hills Quezon City?

1126Batasan Hills Postcode (Philippines) Batasan Hills Postcode: 1126 (Number of Postcodes: 1 items).

What is the zip code of Diliman Quezon City?

1104Diliman ZIP Code DetailsPostal Zip Codes1104Country NamePhilippinesLATITUDE14.6589LONGITUDE121.07366 more rows

What is the zip code of Cubao Quezon City?

1109The Zip Code of Cubao, Quezon City is 1109.

What is the zip code of Fairview Quezon City?

1118Fairview ZIP Code DetailsPostal Zip Codes1118ISO-3166 alpha3 CodePHLCountry NamePhilippinesLATITUDE14.70366 more rows

What country code is 02?

AustraliaAustralia uses eight digit local phone numbers preceded by a two digit STD area code. Fixed line example calling Canberra from interstate: 02 (local eight digit number).